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End of The Shoe Game Saga

At approximately 1pm on Feb 11, we posted “How TheShoeGame is trying (poorly) to steal our website.” At approximately 1am on Feb 12 , we posted, “TheShoeGame hasn’t done anything to make this right.” At approximately 11:45am on Feb 12, TheShoeGame founder Gerard Smith (@GRocSmith) removed the two posts at issue from his website.  Alex (@FootSole_ja) […]

The Shoe Game hasn’t done anything to make this right

This won’t be nearly as long.  Promise. Yesterday we posted “The Shoe Game is trying (poorly) to steal our website.”  I was literally sick to my stomach before pressing “publish”, not wanting to start a public feud and seem petty. The reaction from the sneaker community was unbelievable.  I cannot begin to express how grateful […]

How The Shoe Game is trying (poorly) to steal our website

This article is very long. For that we apologize. But if you care about the integrity of the sneaker community in any way, we think you will find this important. Thank you for reading. I guess we’ve made it in the sneaker game (or at least arrived on the scene) if people are stealing our […]