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Top 50 eBay Resellers. Who has the Highest Prices?

Back in September we did a Top 25 eBay Reseller list. We ranked eBay sneaker sellers by number of sneakers sold and total sales (in dollars) for the 12 months prior to September 2013, based on the 722 sneakers that we tracked at that time.  A few weeks ago, TheShoeGame was nice enough to share […]

Ranking: Sneakers With Staying Power in 2013

It’s been a week or two since the last of the “Best of 2013” sneaker lists have rolled in, so hopefully you’re past the overload (or malaise) and ready for a different take on it. Overload?  Are we implying there were too many lists?  You decide.  Here’s the first 50 we found: Sites like Complex, […]

The Campless Sneaker Price Guide

This version of the Price Guide is now outdated.  For the latest prices and other sneaker statistics, please visit the fully functional site, Campless Sneaker Price Guide Back in September Russ Bengtson and Nick Engvall published a nice post at Complex titled:  “10 Things Sneakerheads Want But Can’t Get“.  Number 10 was “An official price […]

Air Jordan 3 eBay Sales Revenue & Profit (with charts)

A few weeks ago we published a simple post listing the average resell price and sales volume for all Air Jordan 3s. For example, the 29 DS pairs of the AJ3 Mocha were sold on eBay in the past year for an average price of $314. The following are two different views of the same […]

Top 10 Most Expensive KD’s (vs. Sneakerwatch Flight Club List)

Sneakerwatch recently posted the Top 35 Most Expensive KDs at Flight Club.  We replied to most of the first 25 via Twitter but decided to put the top 10 into a post.   Here is the list, including Flight Club price and average deadstock price on eBay, as well as total number of DS pairs sold […]

Lebron X – Half Under Retail, Half Over

What’s it say about Nike’s pricing that this many Lebron Xs are going for less than retail on eBay? Shoe Retail eBay Nike-Lebron-X-10-Black-Diamond-Carbon  $        180  $        178 Nike-Lebron-X-10-Canary-Yellow-Diamond  $        180  $        147 Nike-Lebron-X-10-Dunkman  $        180  $        158 Nike-Lebron-X-10-Elite-Miami-Dade-Turquoise-Volt  $        260  $        206 Nike-Lebron-X-10-Elite-Superhero  $        260  $        223 Nike-Lebron-X-10-Elite-Total-Crimson  $        260  $        223 Nike-Lebron-X-10-Elite-White-Gold  $        280 […]

Jordan 3s – Average Resell Price & Volume

Below are all of the Jordan 3s that we track.The column labeled “Price” is the average resell price of deadstock Jordan 3s,  based on eBay auctions, ranked from most expensive to least.   The column labeled “volume” is the total number of deadstock pairs sold in the last year. Shoe Price Volume Air-Jordan-3-Retro-Oregon-Ducks-Pit-Crew  $    1,631 58 […]