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ShoeZeum Liquidation – 2013 Recap

Back in September we published a few posts (here and here) about the ShoeZeum liquidation, including tracking its sales by month and comparing the proceeds of those sales to both the $550k offer that Rick Harrison made on Pawn Stars and Jordy Geller’s $1 million asking price.  Last week ago we wrote a post tracking […]

ShoeZeum Liquidation: May 2013 Top 5

This was originally published on January 1, 2014.  It has been updated with corrected data ShoeZeum Tracking Update as of 9/13/13 (yes, that was a while ago): Rick Harrison‘s Offer (Pawn Stars):  $550k Total Sold (9/13/13):  1,431 pairs for $298k –> $208/pair Left to Go:  957 pairs; $252k needed –> $264/pair It’s definitely possible to […]

Top 25 eBay Sneaker Resellers

In addition to tracking sneakers, we also track sneaker resellers.  Here are the top 25 eBay resellers over the past year, based on the 722 sneakers that Campless tracks. eBay Seller Sales Dollars Avg. Price Feedback 1 solesupremacysales    8,440  $  1,529,798  $         181       12,704 2 thecoolshoeshine    4,693  $  1,347,090  $         287       […]

ShoeZeum Liquidation: Sales by Month

The ShoeZeum Liquidation started in May.  Below are monthly sales through August.  Interestingly, Jordy only sold 66 pairs in July – less than 20% of the number of pairs sold in every other month – but the average price per pair was by far the greatest at $322.  This was heavily influenced by two pairs […]

The ShoeZeum Liquidation: Should Jordy have taken Rick’s $550k?

By now everyone knows about the ShoeZeum . . . but just in case you don’t . . . we’re talking about Jordy Geller’s 2,388 sneaker collection / museum located in Las Vegas.  Guinness says it’s the “largest collection of sneakers” – although we assume that’s the beer talking, and not the world record folks, […]