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Sneakerhead Influence – Impact of Being On A List

Shortly after being honored as one of the best independent sneaker blogs, we saw a bump in our followership on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  (You can read our “acceptance speech” HERE).  The well-appreciated social bump got us thinking about the impact that these lists can have.  And when we start thinking about impact, we think about […]

Sneakerhead Influence – Instagram Top 13

In our first two reviews of sneakerhead influence we analyzed the Top 33 overall across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, then took a focused look at the Top 25 on YouTube. We accidentally left three people off the YouTube list and from the reaction of some people you’d think we killed a puppy with a Red […]

Sneakerhead Influence – YouTube

Update: The following people were mistakenly left off our Top 25 list: BULL1TRC (55k subscribers), DBtown24 (48k) and Zaya X (20k). That was our fault; we just missed ’em. Sorry about that. We’ll do better next time. A few weeks ago we posted “Sneakerhead Influence by the Numbers” where we ranked 33 sneaker people, sites […]

Sneakerhead Influence by the Numbers

At the time this went to print Campless had 118 Facebook fans, 250 251 followers on Twitter and sadly, not enough search volume to register in Google’s keyword reporting.  For now, ours is a labor of love and we appreciate the slow, steady increase in awareness that has been building in the sneaker community.  In […]