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Which All-Star Pack Sneaker Has Been Most Profitable?

This is the first Campless post co-written by one of our fans.  Nico Atienza worked closely with us on all aspects of this article, including performing significant data analysis.  Perhaps you’ll see more of Nico’s work in the future.  (Or perhaps we’ll let the number of retweets determine his fate). You know what’s nice about […]

631 Red Yeezys were sold on eBay before it dropped

This past Friday we tweeted:  “Prediction (not based on data):  Nike drop Red Yeezy’s tomorrow while everyone’s head is turned looking for Tiffs”. Proof: If I have to tell you why that is now the most amazing tweet ever, you’re on the wrong blog. With the Yeezy 2 Red October finally here, and before we […]

Are Sneakers More Like Stocks or Drugs?

People talk about sneakers as an investment.  In some cases, sneakers are analogized to stocks or other financial instruments.  On the surface, the mechanics of these two markets are pretty much the same – buy a sneaker, watch it increase in price, sell it.  In reality, the sneaker game is much more akin to the […]

Do sneaker prices vary by size?

Yes. The blue line represents the percent deviation between the average DS price of that size and the overall average DS price.  For example, size 8 is negative 1.9%.  This means that the average price of a size 8 pair is 1.9% less than the average price of all sizes together.  On the other hand, […]

Ranking: Sneakers With Staying Power in 2013

It’s been a week or two since the last of the “Best of 2013” sneaker lists have rolled in, so hopefully you’re past the overload (or malaise) and ready for a different take on it. Overload?  Are we implying there were too many lists?  You decide.  Here’s the first 50 we found: Sites like Complex, […]

The Value of eBay Seller Feedback

Previously, in “Do eBay resellers with more feedback command higher prices?“, we answered “yes” and shared this graph: Now we will explain. We conducted this analysis by looking at three sneakers – three recent Jordan Retro releases which had very high eBay sales volume and very low price volatility.  They were: Air Jordan Retro 11 […]

Yeezy 2 Analysis – Spotting Fakes With Data (Part 4 – Final Stats)

Part 1 and Part 2 here. In Part 3 we explained how to identify the line (in our data) between real and fake Yeezys by use of a “minimum”.  A similar exercise was done to eliminate auctions with multiple pairs by use of a “maximum”.  The minimum was calculated to be $1,000 (inclusive) and the […]