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Sneakerhead Influence by the Numbers

At the time this went to print Campless had 118 Facebook fans, 250 251 followers on Twitter and sadly, not enough search volume to register in Google’s keyword reporting.  For now, ours is a labor of love and we appreciate the slow, steady increase in awareness that has been building in the sneaker community.  In […]

The Campless Sneaker Price Guide

This version of the Price Guide is now outdated.  For the latest prices and other sneaker statistics, please visit the fully functional site, Campless Sneaker Price Guide Back in September Russ Bengtson and Nick Engvall published a nice post at Complex titled:  “10 Things Sneakerheads Want But Can’t Get“.  Number 10 was “An official price […]

Complex’s 20 Most Collectible Jordans . . . Now With Data

At the end of August, Complex sneaker editor and Quickstrike host Russ Bengtson (@russbengtson) served us The 20 Most Collectible Air Jordans of All Time.  A delicious list, to be sure.  All that was missing was a side of sneakerhead data… By analyzing eBay auctions completed over the past 18 months, we’re able to supplement […]