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Math Class: Sneakerhead Statistics Defined

These are the seven main statistics that we use throughout our work.  As we add more stats and terms we will update this list. Average Deadstock Price:  The average sales price of all deadstock, mens sneakers sold on eBay over the past 12 months.  We’ve removed fakes, outliers and auctions with multiple pairs. Total Sold:  […]

Math Class: Total Sold

Welcome back to class – the class that explains the math behind the sneaker resell market. Lesson #2:  Total Sold (a.k.a. Volume, Quantity, Sales, etc.) If there’s anything less complicated than Average Price, it’s Total Sold.  But there are many parameters by which we can (and do) track sales, so which ones comprise the Campless […]

Math Class: Average Deadstock Price

“Math Class” is a series of posts which will do exactly what you think:  explain the math behind the sneaker resell market.  At a minimum, we’ll provide an explanation of Campless data points – what they mean, how they’re calculated and why they’re important.  But we’ll also go deep on the logic behind the data […]