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Top 50 eBay Resellers. Who has the Highest Prices?

Back in September we did a Top 25 eBay Reseller list. We ranked eBay sneaker sellers by number of sneakers sold and total sales (in dollars) for the 12 months prior to September 2013, based on the 722 sneakers that we tracked at that time.  A few weeks ago, TheShoeGame was nice enough to share […]

Are Sneakers More Like Stocks or Drugs?

People talk about sneakers as an investment.  In some cases, sneakers are analogized to stocks or other financial instruments.  On the surface, the mechanics of these two markets are pretty much the same – buy a sneaker, watch it increase in price, sell it.  In reality, the sneaker game is much more akin to the […]

Which sneakers come from foreign sellers?

In the previous post, “Which foreign countries sell the most sneakers into the U.S. sneakerhead market“, we opened up the conversation about foreign sneaker sellers. As we stated then, our lens into the sneakerhead market is the U.S. eBay site but, on occasion, sellers from other countries join the party.  We found that Canada, Taiwan, […]

The Value of eBay Seller Feedback

Previously, in “Do eBay resellers with more feedback command higher prices?“, we answered “yes” and shared this graph: Now we will explain. We conducted this analysis by looking at three sneakers – three recent Jordan Retro releases which had very high eBay sales volume and very low price volatility.  They were: Air Jordan Retro 11 […]

Which foreign countries sell the most sneakers into the U.S. sneakerhead market?

Campless follows the sneakerhead market through the U.S. eBay site, the majority of which are auctions by U.S. sellers.  Occasionally, however, resellers from other countries tread on our turf.  Here’s how the various countries stack up based on the 839+ sneakers that we currently track. This is a view of the Top 20 countries by […]

Yeezy 2 Analysis – Spotting Fakes With Data (Part 4 – Final Stats)

Part 1 and Part 2 here. In Part 3 we explained how to identify the line (in our data) between real and fake Yeezys by use of a “minimum”.  A similar exercise was done to eliminate auctions with multiple pairs by use of a “maximum”.  The minimum was calculated to be $1,000 (inclusive) and the […]

Do eBay resellers with more feedback command higher prices for their sneakers?