We are humbled to report that your data-nerd friends over at Campless were recently honored as the 13th Best Independent Sneaker Blog by Complex Sneakers (“Probably the most unconventional sneaker blog”). During the awards ceremony* our CEO and founder, Josh Luber, accepted the honor on behalf of the entire team but was so flustered that he barely […]

As word of sneakerheaddata has spread near and narrow (a lesser measure than far and wide) Campless has gained a Spencer Hawes’ worth of awareness – a local favorite of some, invisible to most.  Fortunately, that was enough to get us invited to appear on The Sitdown with @TheDonDrew and @Sneakersensei.  So while I and […]

In our first two reviews of sneakerhead influence we analyzed the Top 33 overall across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, then took a focused look at the Top 25 on YouTube. We accidentally left three people off the YouTube list and from the reaction of some people you’d think we killed a puppy with a Red […]

Yes.  But not significantly. Sneakerheads love to lament the ever-increasing retail price of Retro Jordans.  With GR prices hitting $170 and premium versions like the 5Lab3 reaching $225, it definitely feels like prices are increasing at a quicker rate than ever before.  There have been two price hikes in the past two years alone and […]

We’re happy to see that sneaker blogs are starting to take notice of our work.  In addition to recent articles on Nice Kicks, Complex and Midwest Sole, we’ve started a weekly series with SneakerWatch where every Friday they will feature some Campless data.  When we can, we’ll follow up the next week with a link […]

Campless is proud to be a sponsor of SneakerSocial, “the largest sneaker event ever in Massachusetts” being held next Sunday, April 6th at Gillette Stadium. We’ve always been a fan of both Concepts and TBlake so we wanted to do something special to support the event, which supports the charity Cradles to Crayons.  DJ Clark […]

My general belief is that ideas are worthless, execution is everything.  Want to prove it?  Talk to a random person about your “great idea” and then show a random person an actual product – great or not.  Let me know which gets more interest. With that in mind I thought it’d be interesting to look […]