Lebron 2K14 selling for $1,085 in June

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As they finally start to show up from Nike, the LeBron 11 2K14 is flooding eBay (relatively).

From December to April only 35 pairs were sold, at an average deadstock price of $905 (obviously presales) and a Sold Percentage of only 8.8% (meaning 91.2% of all shoes listed on eBay ended with no sale).

In the one month and four days since then, 130 pairs were sold at an average price of $1,049, with a 26% Sold Percentage.  57 of those were in June – and we only have data for the first four days!  Average price is also up, at $1,085, and Sold Percentage is at 33% for June.  All indicators are clear:  this shoe is drank some Red Bull, because it has wings.

Campless Lebron 11 2K14 060414

Key Insights:

  • The code or the shoe?  In December and January selling the access code (which allows purchase of the sneaker) was the hot thing to do.  102 codes were sold at an average price of $356.  That’s looking like a nice deal – assuming it wasn’t already used.  $356 + $250 = $606 . . . or $479 less than current market price ($1,085 in June)
  • Between the 102 codes and 165 shoes, that’s 267 of the 2,014 total pairs (13%) already resold (assuming no re-resells yet).  We have no data to back this up, but that seems like an awfully high percentage for now
  • Most expensive sales prices for the shoe (not code) was:  $13,030; $5,555; $3,045; $2,034; $2,014 and $2,000.  The first two were removed from aggregate stats for being outliers
  • Most expensive sales price for the code was:  $800, $610, $600, $550 and $535.  Even at $800, that’s still a good deal

Selling fake codes?  One of the concerns about buying an access code is whether it had been used, or if it was real at all.  We have no way to identify, conclusively, if anyone was scamming, but these sellers all sold at least three codes:

Seller Codes Sold Avg. Price
magix164 6 322
basedgod93 3 283
bullsandlakers 3 358
jecko2525 3 450
joepascarelli43 3 439
rawkeyproductions 3 83
vanilla_gorilla7 3 313


  • magix164 sold six codes, all for just less than the market average ($322 vs. $356)
  • rawkeyproductions sold three codes for $100, $100 and $50 (average $83).  All had the exact same description.  All were listed within 3 hours

Regardless of who was selling fake codes, now we got shoes in hand and they’re clearly flying off virtual shelves.  At this point it’s safe to say the price will continue to climb, so we’ll leave you with this thought:  When are the 2K14 / tiger-print pant combos gonna show up on Instagram?


Twelve pairs of the Lebron 2K14 sold for less than $700 each in the past 30 days.  Will you be the 13th?  Buy ’em here.

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  1. i wonder how many codes were sold, and then used by the seller again….. it would be messed up, but i could see something like this happening.

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