Only 1% of Jordans end up on eBay

Back in January Complex ran a piece listing the best selling Jordans of 2013 using data provided by sneaker data guru Matt Powell.  We took Matt’s retail sales data and compared it to the sales of those Jordans on eBay and what we found was quite interesting.  On average, only 1% of Jordans sold at retail make their way to eBay. Below is a table showing most of the top selling Jordans and their ratio of eBay sales to retail sales.

Jordan eBay to Retail Ratio 031214

So what’s this mean?  It means that people bemoaning resellers snatching up all the inventory are probably overstating the problem.  Yes, there are other places people resell kicks, but there is no other channel that has even a fraction of eBay’s volume.  Thus, if only 1% are ending up on eBay, then a whole lot of Jordans are being bought by people who want to own them.  And that’s pretty cool in our book.




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    I enjoyed the article. Thx.

  2. I believe it’s more of these resellers looking for a different market. With big resellers nowadays we have online eccommerce like big cartel. They start up their own website for a relatively low price, setup price payments such as PayPal or stripe. They save on that 10% ebay fee, big chunk of their profit. This is, of course, only true to those big “known” resellers with their regular customers and big social media followers such as 23penny, sole88nyc, or sneakerturtles. They have out grown ebay if you will.

    1. That’s a really important point. There are def other channels being used, but with so much volume still going through eBay (2.25 million pairs in 2013) you wonder what the size of the rest of the market is. We’ve been trying to figure it out, but its very difficult because its so fragmented outside of eBay

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