Red Octobers Over $3k Up 2500%

Immediately following the Red October drop, we posted an analysis on the pre-launch eBay sales.  Now we can look at post-launch sales.

In the three days post-launch we can already see drastically different sales patterns – prices have increased across the board.  Most significantly, the percentage of sales over $3k has increased from 2% pre-launch to 52% post-launch.  This is an increase of 2500%!

Red October Post Launch 3 Days

Note how the distribution spikes and becomes dispersed in the three days following release.  This clearly shows that people are paying more for Red Octobers now.  This follows, logically, because we know for sure there are “real” pairs on the secondary market.  However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that these pairs sold are real, just that the people buying them have a greater belief that the pair they are buying is real.  It’s a subtle distinction but important if you are in the market to trade a year of car payments for 2 pounds of red leather.

If you are, you can buy Red Octobers here.


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