Profile: Jordan 6 White Infrared (2010)

Far be it for us to tell Jordan Brand when to re-release an OG classic but…

…maybe the reason the White Infrared 6 was available pretty much all day on Saturday (as opposed to instant sell-out) is because there are still plenty of 2010’s floating around.


In 2013, there were over 1200 pairs sold on eBay:

  • Deadstock:  303 sold. Average Price $248
  • Used:  906 sold. Average Price $145

The price volatility of DS pairs was only 21% (standard deviation of $51).  This means that one could reasonably expect to be able to find a DS pair on eBay for approximately $200-$300 – not unlike the price range resellers are asking now for the ones that dropped two days ago.

So maybe the reason it wasn’t a quick sellout is because 2010’s are still trading at a reasonable price.

Or maybe because the 2014 version is pink.


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  1. Makes sense. Thx for the solid work.

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