Jordan 17 Profile – Should JB Re-Release It?

This past week, Luis Sanchez at Sole Collector wrote a nice piece asking which retro we want to see next – a question sneakerheads no doubt ponder often.  His personal recommendation was the Jordan XVII.  Can’t argue with that.  We love a 17 as much as anyone.  But let’s see what the data says…

We don’t track too many Jordan’s over 14 yet, but we have six 17’s in Price Guide so far.  Here’s what their breakdown looked like on eBay in 2013:

Sneaker Avg. DS Price DS Sold Used Sold TOTAL Sold
Air-Jordan-17-OG-Low-All-Star-2002 328 11 38 49
Air-Jordan-17-OG-Low-Black-Chrome-2002 295 4 29 33
Air-Jordan-17-OG-Low-White-University-Blue-2002 336 8 78 86
Air-Jordan-17-OG-White-Black-Copper-2002 352 10 86 96
Air-Jordan-17-OG-White-Red-2002 369 45 123 168
Air-Jordan-17-OG-Wizards-Home-2002 401 46 75 121


For a 12 year old shoe to still have over 100 DS pairs floating around, plus over 400 used pairs still being traded says there are still people looking for and buying the 17s.  Plus, at an average price of $372, people are willing to pay for it.

We definitely need to compare these numbers to other possible retro releases to know for sure, but perhaps Luis’s pick is supported by the data.

What do these numbers tell you about whether JB should re-release some 17s?


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  1. lafayette · · Reply

    I need the All Star!

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