Farewell to the Air Tech Challenge II Hot Lava (2008)

With eBay now flooded with the 2014 ATC II Hot Lava (minutes after it’s release), this is our farewell to the 2008, which has been in my personal rotation for the past five years.  In fact, it was one of my top choices for certain business meetings, always likely to be recognized by people my age.  There should be a term when one of your top pairs is co-opted by a retro release…perhaps I’ve been “Retro-ed”.


Regardless, here’s our look at the ATC II Hot Lava (2008) on the resell market over the past 18 months.  Enjoy.

ATC II 2008 in 2013 v2

Most importantly, note that for the past 18 months, there were always some Lava’s available.  On average, there were 3 DS pairs and 4 Used pairs, per month, which ended in no sale.

Did you grab a pair today?  Was it your first or did you refresh your 2008?  Or do you still have an OG pair?


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