Profile: Nike SB Dunk Low Tiffany

In light of the recent news that a High version of the SB Dunk Tiff is on it’s way, now seems like a good time to profile the low version.


Nike SB Dunk Low x Diamond Supply Co. “Tiffany”

Release:  August 2005

Model Number:  304292-402

Colorway:  Aqua/Chrome

Campless Stats (based on 20 months of eBay auctions, May 2012-Dec 2013)

Auctions That Ended In a Sale


  • Average DS Price:  $766
  • Volume Sold:  68


  • Average Used Price:  $364
  • Volume Sold:  342

Unsold Auctions


  • Average DS Price:  $1,006
  • Volume Unsold:  114


  • Average Used Price:  $472
  • Volume Unsold:  282

Key Insight 1:  Not surprisingly, the average price of the pairs that did not sell was significantly greater (31% for DS) than those that did.  This reinforces one of our continuing key insights – that everyone’s perception of the “true value” of a sneaker is artificially inflated due to “stale digital inventory” sitting on eBay with prices too high for anyone to purchase them.  The good deals – as well as the fair deals – disappear much quicker, particularly for a highly coveted grail like the SB Dunk Tiffs.

Key Insight 2:  Another key insight, this one specifically for the Tiff, can be extracted from the relative “Sold %” for Deadstock versus Used.  The Sold % is the percentage of total eBay auctions that ended in a sale.  In this case, the DS Sold % was 37% (68 Sold, 114 Unsold) compared to the Used Sold %, which was 55% (342 sold, 282 Unsold).  Because the Tiff is such an expensive pair, and because it released 8 years ago, the implication of the difference in Sold % is that either A) more people are looking for a used pair than a DS, perhaps because they can get a better deal on a VNDS pair; or B) the used pairs are priced closer to their “true value”.  It’s probably some combination of both.

Real World Implications:

  • If you are looking to buy a DS pair, you’ll need to stay on your toes and find an auction shortly after its listed to get a fair price.  This is one shoe resellers are looking to take advantage of the scarcity.  The best deal is likely to be a VNDS pair.
  • If you are looking to sell a DS pair, you should be able to get around $766, but if you want it sold quickly, you should price it a little lower.  And under no circumstances should you price above $1,006.

Have you bought or sold a pair of Tiffs lately?  What was your experience?


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