Ronnie Fieg Asics Gel-Lyte III ECP – Resell Price and Volume

Back in May of this year Ronnie Fieg dropped the Asics Gel-Lyte III ECP (Miami and NY).  Here’s a look at aggregate price and volume stats since then:

DS Price
Avg High Low DS Volume
Asics-Gel-Lyte-III-Ronnie-Fieg-ECP-Miami-2013  $        387  $        550  $          233 249
Asics-Gel-Lyte-III-Ronnie-Fieg-ECP-Knicks-2013  $        392  $        610  $          213 185

And here’s a look at average deadstock price by month:

Miami Knicks
May  $        392  $          394
June  $        348  $          357
July  $        408  $          393
August  $        426  $          448

It’s interesting to note that the average price for both pairs started high in May, dropped down considerably (> 10%) in June, presumably as initial resellers were trying to flip pairs with a lot still on the market, and then has been increasing ever since, as the availability continues to decline.

Note: Data is through August 2013 and does not includes pairs sold as a set.


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