Complex’s 20 Most Collectible Jordans . . . Now With Data

At the end of August, Complex sneaker editor and Quickstrike host Russ Bengtson (@russbengtson) served us The 20 Most Collectible Air Jordans of All Time.  A delicious list, to be sure.  All that was missing was a side of sneakerhead data…

By analyzing eBay auctions completed over the past 18 months, we’re able to supplement Russ’s work with these facts about the price and availability of the top collectible Jordans.

20.  Jordan V Bin 23

  • Average Deadstock Price:  $965
  • 57 pairs sold (46 DS / 11 used)
  • Interesting data point: The Air Jordan IX Premio Bin 23 had only 22 confirmed sales over the same time period (13 DS / 9 used) and, with an Avg. DS Price of $1,233, was the most expensive of all Bin’s


19.  Jordan XX3 Titanium

  • Average Deadstock Price: $787
  • 31 pairs sold (22 DS / 9 used)
  • Interesting data point: The most often sold pair of XX3’s are the Stealth’s with 268 total (103 new / 165 used).  Most expensive are the Finale’s with an Avg. DS Price of $877


18.  Jordan IV Motorsports

  • Only one recorded auction that ended in a sale during this time frame!  How rare is that!?!  The pair sold for $5,000 and the auction lasted less than 24 hours.  No wonder these made Complex’s list

17.  Jordan X City Series

  • Charlotte – $298 Avg. DS Price; 50 sold (8 DS)
  • Chicago – $360; 9 sold (2 DS)
  • New York – $629; 3 sold (2 DS)
  • Orlando – $361; 8 sold (3 DS).  Note:  Orlando had the highest average used price at $350
  • Sacramento – $569; 12 sold (3 DS)
  • Seattle – $661; 6 sold (2 DS)


16.  Jordan XXI Slam 100

  • No recorded sales during this time period.  If Russ don’t even got a pair, ain’t no surprise we can’t find any on eBay.

15.  Jordan II – OG

  • Average price: $421
  • Five pairs were sold, all used
  • There was one DS White/Black pair of 2’s that got listed at $5,000 but the auction did not end in a sale

14. Jordan 1 – KO

  • This was a tough one to track down and we are only comfortable in saying that we only saw one auction for a pair of authentic KO’s end in sale for $500.  Another pair got as high as $399 but the auction did not end in a sale.

13. Jordan III – Oregon Ducks Pit Crew

  • Average Deadstock Price: $1632
  • 63 Total pairs sold (58 DS / 5 used)
  • Interesting data point: The J3 may be “more collectible” according to Complex, but the J4 Oregon is more expensive.  Avg. DS Price for the Jordan 4 Ducks is $3,325 – more than double the price of the 3’s.

12. Jordan VII OG 1992 Olympics

  • Average Deadstock Price: $350
  • 29 Total pairs sold (10 DS / 19 used)
  • Interesting data point: One of the most expensive pairs of DS Olympics was sold by none other than our friend Jordy Geller of Shoezuem fame for $490.  Some lucky ebay auction winner definitely scored a super clean pair there!


11. Jordan IV – Eminem Encore

  • $6,000!  But only one pair sold.  (Insert typical Eminem joke here)


10. Jordan III – Any OG

  • Average price: $609
  • Only five pairs of OG 3’s were in the last 18 months, all were used
  • There was one pair that got listed three separate times and ended up selling for $99.99.  Removing this pair, the average price of the four remaining pairs jumps to $736.

9. Nike Air Jordan 1 “White/Black/Red”

6. Nike Air Jordan 1 “Black/Red”

  • Combining numbers 9 and 6, and adding in all OG 1s . . .246 pairs of OG 1s sold in the last 18 months.  Most were one of these two colorways.
  • Prices ranged from $50 for a very beat up White/Black/Red size 8 to $15,232.23 for a gem mint White/Black/Red autographed by the G.O.A.T. himself.  The next most expensive pair was $3,900. After that, 23 more sold for at least $1,000.

8. Nike Air Jordan 1 Low

  • None

7. Any pre-’96 Air Jordan PE

  • None

5. UNDFTD Air Jordan IV

  • In December of 2012, a pair of size 11 UNDFTD 4s sold for $4,050
  • 5 other pairs were listed over the past 18 months, but none ended in a sale


4. Any Kobe Jordan PE

  • In December of 2012 a pair of size 13 Jordan 7 Kobe PEs were listed for $750, but didn’t sell

3. Any preproduction or weartest sample

  • We found one sale – an AJ5 Blackout Wear Test Sample which sold for $1,025 in October of 2012
  • There were a handful which were listed but didn’t end in a sale, including a 2006 Jordan XX3 Wear Test Sample for $2,799.99

2. Nike Air Jordan XI “45” Sample

  • 98 pairs have been sold in the last 18 months on eBay . . . but it’s pretty obvious some of these are fakes.  Some are actually listed as “Replica”, whereas others are just priced too low.  Our best guess is that about 20 are legit.
  • The most expensive pair – a ’95 OG Concord sample – went for $2,200.  That one definitely looks legit.

1. Any Jordan worn by Michael Jordan in a game

  • We found a few, including a pair of Fire Red IVs from 1988-1989 that sold for $3,050 in June of 2012 and white/red 12s worn in 1997 that sold for $4,650 in April of 2013, but were then re-listed and sold for $2,000 a month later.
  • There were plenty more listed on eBay but that didn’t sell.

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