Most Expensive Sneaker In the World

Guinness World Records was wrong about the largest sneaker collection in the world (there are definitely people with more than 2,388 pairs – Clark Kent says Biz has 4000-5000, for example), so what else is Guinness wrong about?

The entry for Most Expensive Sneaker says:

Ken Courtney (USA), founder of fashion label Ju$t Another Rich Kid, created a pair of high-top Nike Dunks dipped in 18-garat gold as part of a fashion show in New York, USA, in 2007. Five pairs were made, costing $4,053

First of all – dipped in gold?  C’mon, that doesn’t count!  Oh, look, I dropped my car keys in my Concords . . . new most expensive sneaker!

Second – $4,053?  Granted, this entry is from 2007, but that’s not even close!  Just last month a pair of Air MAGs went for $7,120 and a LeBron X What the MVP sold for $6,100.

Guinness, it’s time to update some entries.


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