The ShoeZeum Liquidation: Should Jordy have taken Rick’s $550k?

By now everyone knows about the ShoeZeum . . . but just in case you don’t . . . we’re talking about Jordy Geller’s 2,388 sneaker collection / museum located in Las Vegas.  Guinness says it’s the “largest collection of sneakers” – although we assume that’s the beer talking, and not the world record folks, because they must not have met DJ Clark Kent.  Either way, it’s an impressive collection, and it’s up for sale.

At first, Jordy was asking a million bucks for the whole lot.  Quite a few people questioned that number, including Complex.  For a minute it looked like Chumlee from Pawn Stars had a line on the deal – but Rick’s top offer was $550k.  His concern over how long it would take to resell was legit – just ask those guys still sitting on Military Blue 4s.  Jordy wouldn’t budge below $800k, so they parted ways.

In a turn of luck for everyone, the 2,388 pairs are now going out piecemeal.  The “ShoeZeum Liquidation” (our term) began in May, listed one at a time, on eBay, starting at $.99 – and we’re tracking it all.

Over the coming weeks we’ll track the total sales against both the $1M original asking price and Rick’s $550k offer.  We might also report back interesting data points we find along the way.

Scorecard, through August:

Total Pairs Sold:        1,425 pairs sold for $297,439 = $209/pair

Total To Go ($550k):  963 pairs left; need $252,561 = $262/pair

Total To Go ($1M):     963 pairs left; need $702,561 = $730/pair

He’s got a shot at $550k, but quite a long way to go for a million.  At this point it’s starting to look like Jordy should have taken Rick’s offer.  What do you think?

Note:  All numbers are based on independent analysis of eBay auctions and have NOT been confirmed by Jordy Geller or anyone associated with the ShoeZeum.  Jordy, if you'd like to clarify, please comment or email us at  

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