ShoeZeum Liquidation: Sales by Month

The ShoeZeum Liquidation started in May.  Below are monthly sales through August.  Interestingly, Jordy only sold 66 pairs in July – less than 20% of the number of pairs sold in every other month – but the average price per pair was by far the greatest at $322.  This was heavily influenced by two pairs of McFly Hyperdunks (each over $1000) and one OG 1985 Banned Nike Air Jordan 1 ($2025).

So why so few pairs in July?  Well, it’s always possible we’re missing some data, but the better bet is that Jordy went on vacation for a few weeks around the 4th.  The first July auctions didn’t begin until the 19th, with most being listed on July 20-21 (the weekend).  That looks like a nice three week vacation to us.  Hope you had fun!

Total Pairs Sold Total Price Avg. Price Per Pair
May 572 $154,287.71 $269.73
June 418 $75,789.36 $181.31
July 66 $21,253.85 $322.03
August 369 $46,108.24 $124.95
TOTAL 1425  $  297,439.16 $208.73
Note:  All numbers are based on independent analysis of eBay auctions and have NOT been confirmed by Jordy Geller or anyone associated with the ShoeZeum.  Jordy, if you'd like to clarify, please comment or email us at  


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