Ranking: Sneakers With Staying Power (Pt. 2)

Welcome back for the second installment of sneakers that had real staying power in 2012.  Today we count down the top ten sneakers sold on eBay in 2012 that were NOT released in 2012.

Most sneakerheads can probably guess this list – or at least most of it – but how many of you can nail the order?  Or the numbers sold?  There was one 2010 release in numbers 20 through 11 – will there be any more?  What about an ’09 release? We answer those questions here, today.

10) Jordan Retro III “Black Cement”.  Release Date 11/25/2011.  1,458 pairs (DS and used) were sold in 2012.  What they said.

9) Jordan V “Wolf Grey”.  5/1/2011.  1,467 pairs sold.  What they said.


8) Jordan Retro XIII “Flint”.  11/26/2010.  1,510 pairs sold.  What they said.

7) Jordan V Retro “Metallic Silver”.  8/20/2011.  1,521 pairs sold.  What they said.


6) Jordan VIII Retro “Aqua”.  9/22/2007.  1,534 pairs sold.  What they said.


5) Jordan VII Retro “Bordeaux”.  4/16/2011.  1,604 pairs.  What they said.


4) Foamposite Pro “Pearl”.  9/3/2010.  1,620 pairs.  What they said.


3) Jordan XI Retro “Space Jam”.  12/23/2009.  1,822 pairs.  What they said.


2) Jordan XI Retro “Cool Grey”.  12/23/2010.  2,300 pairs.  What they said.


1) Jordan XI Retro “Concord”.  12/23/2011.  4,780 pairs.  What they said.

In conclusion, Jordan XIs rule.

But which one rules the hardest?  Concord was #1, so that settles it, right?  Not so fast.

We’re looking at 2012 sales, so the closer the release date is to 2012, the higher we expect sales to be.  The Concords released just 8 days before 2012, so the fact that it’s number one is no surprise.  The better question is whether the 4,780 pairs of Concords is more impressive than 2,300 pairs of Cool Greys (12/23/10 release) or 1.822 pairs of Space James (12/23/09)?  There’s plenty of ways to attempt to answer that with data, so we’ll let you come to your own conclusion.

We’ll actually punt the XI analysis and, instead, point out #6 on out list – 1,534 pairs of Jordan 8 Aquas which released in . . . wait for it . . . 2007!!!!  WTF?  That’s crazy!  Five years after its release, the Jordan 8 Aqua is still being traded about as much as any shoe.  Now THAT is staying power.

That concludes our 2012 list.  Which pairs do you think will make the 2013 list (most sold in 2013 but released before 2013)?  Take a hard look at that 2012 release list (J4s, Galaxy Pack, LeBron 9s, KD IVs, Kobe 7s, etc.) and see if you can rank ’em.



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