Ranking: Sneakers With Staying Power (Pt. 1)

People often ask us what are the most popular kicks in the game.  To which we always answer:  “Let’s see what the data says”.  After some thought we came up with one interesting way to determine the popularity of a sneaker – how well does it continue sell on the secondary market months (or even years) after its initial release?  Sure, there will be a ton of Weatherman Foams and Fire Red Vs resold in the next four weeks, but what about this time next year?

At the end of 2012 we put together a list of the top 20 most traded sneakers that were NOT released in 2012.  Much like 2013 so far, 2012 had no shortage of great releases:  the requisite Jordan retro barrage (4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12); Foam upon Foam, models 4, 7 & 9 from KD, Kobe & LeBron, and more collabs than a Yeezy mix tape.  But what old pairs were still being traded while heads were listing AJ4s still in camp line?

Ranking Criteria:  a) # eBay auctions that ended in a sale; b) in 2012; c) for sneakers released pre-2012; c) in DS or Used condition; d) and all sizes.  For nostalgia, we’ve also tracked down what they said about these pairs at release or since.

20) Foamposite One Metallic Pewter.  Original release date March 19, 2011.  983 pairs sold in 2012.  What they said when it released.


19) Foamposite One Eggplant.  3/6/10.  1,005 pairs sold.  What they said.

18) LeBron 9 Canon.  11/11/11.  1,038 pairs sold.  What they said.


17) Foamposite One Coughdrops.  6/19/2010.  1,046 pairs sold.  What they said.

16) Jordan Retro VII Orion Blue.  3/26/2011.  1,050 pairs sold.  What they said.

15) Foamposite One Royal.  2/12/2011.  1,052 pairs sold.  What they said.


14) Foamposite Pro Electric Blue.  7/1/2011.  1,080 pairs sold.  What they said.

13) LeBron 9 Freegums.  12/31/2011.  1,126 pairs sold.  What they said.

12) Jordan Retro VII Cardinal.  6/18/2011.  1,231 pairs sold.  What they said.


11) Jordan Retro III White Cement.  1/22/2011.  1,279 pairs sold.  What they said.

Key Insight:  Not surprisingly, 8 of these 10 released in 2011, but note that two pairs of Foams (Eggplant and Coughdrops) released in 2010 and were still trading strong in 2012.  That’s staying power!

Stay tuned for more as we recap numbers 10 through 1.

See any surprises in the first ten?  Is your sneakerhead activity captured in our data?


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