Math Class: Average Deadstock Price

“Math Class” is a series of posts which will do exactly what you think:  explain the math behind the sneaker resell market.  At a minimum, we’ll provide an explanation of Campless data points – what they mean, how they’re calculated and why they’re important.  But we’ll also go deep on the logic behind the data (like how we exclude fakes) and shine light on general concepts (like fundamental flaws with eBay data).

Lesson #1:  Average Deadstock Price (Avg. DS Price) – the seminal Campless stat

Avg. DS Price is defined as the average sales price of all deadstock, mens sneakers sold on eBay over the past year.  Fakes, outliers and auctions with multiple pairs are excluded from the calculation.  Used, unsold and GS auctions are tracked separately.

It goes without saying that price is important to everyone on the sneakerhead spectrum.  Resellers price their wares; collectors track the value of their heat; and consumers shop around for the best deal.  Many in the game lament resellers for listing pairs at huge markups, but Campless tracks only what consumers are paying – that’s the real fair market value.

Avg. DS Price needs no example, but we can’t have a post without at least a few numbers, so…


Nike Hyperdunk ’08 Marty McFly 2015 – Avg. DS Price:  $776


New Balance 580 x West NYC “Alpine Guide” – Avg. DS Price:  $313

Student questions This ain’t your high school math class – you get to set the curriculum.  What do you want to learn about next?


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